Built to Global and international standards, the CMG motor range is impressive. Offer customers single phase motors up to 3.7 kilowatts, light industrial aluminium up to 18.5 kilowatts and heavy industrial cast iron up to 1,000 kilowatts, with voltages available up to 1,100 volts. We have high efficiency, enhanced performance and high specification motors popular in the mining industry. CMG's hazardous location motors are AUS Ex, IEC Ex, and ATEX approved. We also specialise in customised motors such as brake motors, multi-speed motors, smokespill and cooling towers. Our high voltage "Centurion Series" ranges up to 13 megawatts.


WEG Motors & Drives - A holistic approach to energy efficiency. Almost anywhere you turn these days, you hear the buzz words: sustainability, responsible, green. In case you’ve missed it, green is the new black. WEG’s commitment to green products and technology goes hand in hand with our passion for efficiency, flexibility and innovation. If we can build motors, energy and automation that use resources responsibly, run on less fuel, and create fewer emissions, we’re doing our job well. And we’re helping you do your job even better.


For over a century, Fasco® has been designing and manufacturing one of the industry's most respected lines of AC motors and blowers. In the years to come, Fasco will continue to develop and launch products to meet the requirements of our customers and the ever-changing marketplace. By listening to our customers and combining this knowledge with our core expertise in key motor technologies, we can continue to create customized solutions for your applications.